Sauna pillow is your aid to relaxation in the sauna. Bring the pillow into the sauna when it is warming up, and when you are ready to enjoy your sauna, the pillow is already warm and feels good on your neck. It is easy to wash in the machine after use and hang to dry with the help of the attached loop. You can use it in sauna, car, boat or wherever you like. It is a superb gift idea for people of any age - both men and women. The filling in our sauna pillows is safe, dust-free and fire safe Ecosoft recycled fibre.


SIZE 22 x 40 cm tyyny
PRODUCT pillow
MATERIAL 50 % LI, 50 % CO
TYPE OF FABRIC cover linen/cotton, filling Ecosoft recycled fibre.
COLOUR black/white

Raija Jokinen

Coussin de sauna Jokipiin Pellava / Sauna pillow